Time Lapse Imaging

Time Lapse Imaging means it is a close incubator with internal camera system where we can see the development of embryo from day 0 to Day 5. There is no need to open the incubator.

Important things which can be only analyzed by this technique are
Time Zones of
  • Fertilization (Day 0 to Day3)
  • Compaction (Day 4)
  • Blastulation (Day5)
  • Expansion timing on Day 5
T5 Scoring system
T8 Scoring system
Kids scoring system
  • Irregular cleavage
  • Multi Nucleation
  • Vacuolation
These can judge the best selection of embryo.
Advantage: – Not required outside removal of embryo
  • Close Monitoring
  • Best Selection Morphokinetics

Assisted hatching:

“Hatch means to come out & get established”

It is a scientific artificial technique in which hole is made in the outer layer of the embryo called zona.

So it will come in contact with the implantation site means endometrium.

It required laser – at WINGS we have best laser system to cut the embryo

Only required

  1. Transferring freeze thaw embryo when the outer layer zona is thick
  2. When we do PGS/PGD.

Hatching required in freezed embryo because the process itself make the embryo’s zona harder.

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