Advanced Male Infertility Procedures

We are a well-known egg Freezing Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya and our egg freezing success rates are quite high.Testicular biopsy involves examining the testes for sperm production. This is done for both, diagnosis as well as therapy. Diagnostic biopsy is done for men with azoospermia (no sperm in the semen) to know whether sperm is being produced or whether there is a failure of sperm production. Based on the results, further treatment is planned.

A therapeutic testicular biopsy is for men with azoospermia, to recover sperm from the testes. The sperm is then used for ICSI (test- tube baby).Testicular biopsy can be performed under general or local anesthesia. Previously, all biopsies were open surgery but now most of the biopsies can be done with a needle technique which is as effective as an open biopsy, but is associated with no pain or discomfort since there are no cuts or stitches on the testes.

If the testes are very small then open microdissection TESE is required in which the testes is opened and examined under a microscope for biopsy.

WINGS offer all techniques of testicular biopsy – percutaneous (needle biopsy) and open microsurgical – based on the patient’s needs.

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